Global International Market

As with the huge competition and fastest growing of global market. Leviton ceramic is taking corrective measures to be known as global brand and the company has started global branding initiatives that are sure to impact buyers from all over the world.

Leviton ceramic has an boundless global network that spans 20+ countries, including Europe, Middle Eastern Nations, Africa and Asia. With the help of efficient production capacity, up gradation of technology and innovative minds, leviton is n its way to becoming a worlds most preffered brand.


Norminal Size 250 x 375 mm 300 x 450 mm Wall 300 x 300 mm Floor 300 x 600 mm Floor
No. of Tiles/Box 8 6 9 5
Coverage Area(Sq.mtr) 0.75 0.81 0.81 0.9
Approx. Weight/Box 8.8 kg 11.2 kg 11.2 kg 14.3 kg
Thikness(mm) 8 8 8 9